Stories are told on different subjects and sometimes, they can be quite challenging. If you do not well understand the topic, then you can end up describing the wrong thing. It is very good to first research on the topic you are just about to tell, then the other parts will flow with much ease. You can put your points together in a separate paper or computer which will help develop the flow you had in your mind. When starting the story, make sure to start with an introduction. Every story starts with an introduction. If you jump off to begin somewhere at the middle of the story or right after the introduction, readers will hardly understand your subject even when you have already stated it at the top.

No matter how sweet or engaging your story is, some people will not be able to connect events. They will just read because maybe it's interesting. An introduction for any story prepares the reader for your story. They can even get a clue from the way you describe your intro. How you start a story usually creates some suspense so you should make sure to do it in style. Probably when telling your story, the mind of the readers was in your mind. You don't write the story so that it remains there unread but because you wanted people to read. Your introduction will also depend on the target audience. Those who you are addressing will determine the weight in which your story kicks off in. Click here for more.

If your target audience was the children, then you will have to introduce your story so children can easily understand. You don't have to hard very hard words and funny phrases at the beginning. With a good start, you will find that people will always finish reading your story. However, remember to make the start of your story captivating. People will only be motivated to read your story if you make the start captivating. Also, make sure to present your points well. Readers would like to know what they are up to. Give them a good reason to continue reading your story and most of them will likely finish. If you want to know how many people read your story, you can add some feedback at the end of the story. Here, people can express their opinions about the subject matter. Click here on this link for more info:
Tips on How to Start a Story