For those who would like to express themselves through writing or telling a story, they should find a way of doing it so that they get the audience listening or reading. There are several ways that an individual can start a story and thus, one can consider some of them when they are writing a story or narrating a story. Some of the ways apply to write while others apply to narrate the story and others apply to both. Thus, one has to consider his or her audience before going ahead to choosing the right way of starting a story. Among the many ways to start a story, one can use some images to start his or her story which will attract the audience who will try to figure out the story. Apart from that, one can start his or her story unexpectedly with the aim of starting it unusual. This will catch the attention of the audience, and thus one should first know the audience then go ahead to one direction. An individual can start by using some outrageous words which will give the audience an opportunity to think about what they will be expected to form the story. Look at this website for more tips.

Another way of starting a story is through the use of some actions so that it can attract that audience who are into action more than listening or reading the book without getting an action somewhere. The action will try to introduce the characters so that when they will be in the middle of the story, one will be able to understand the character of an individual without doing any flashbacks or reminds. An individual cam starts with some brevity which will include starting with something that is sparse so that it can flick on the curiosity of the audience. Another way of starting a story smartly is through the use of a question which will leave the audience or the readers to look for some answers as they read through the entire book. Since most readers are usually curious, one has the option of starting his or her story with curiosity so that they can bring the readers into attention since they have been given an appealing to an emotion that they already possess. Another great way of starting a story is through giving out an understanding of the fiction world so that the readers can set their minds on the action and the place where the action will be taking place. Learn more about how to start a story here:
Tips on How to Start a Story