You have a great story in mind from plot to characters you have the complete details ready to be written down, but the problem is you do not know how to start you story. Most writers suffer a writer's block every time they try to construct the beginning of their story, which quite a big problem because what is a story without its genesis?

There are several ways you can actually start your story, not just through introducing the characters by name or the classical "once upon a time". Spice it up a bit with more introductory devices that would surely capture the attention of your readers they would not be able to put the book down.

In order to give you a resolution to your writing dilemmas, here are a few ways you can start your story. Read more and find more about the right method that works for you.

Start small but strong, like a slow burning flame that would later turn into a forest fire. Make use of figurative language, flowery words, something that would instantly catch the reader's attention making them wonder where the story leads later on. Never leave your best sentences in the story's end, consistency matters all throughout the writing process.

Unexpected beginnings lead to the greatest confusion to the readers, and this can used to your advantage because it would be entice them to keep reading and find out how the story goes. 

Crucial memories is also a great way to start the story. You can begin by narrating the character's problem or through the lens of flashbacks. This is what makes the readers guess as to what happens next.

Leading a purposeful prologue is like steering a docked ship that has been long anchored, it rears it to the right direction. Same goes for the story, it can either be a monologue, a narrative, or a long forgotten letter, this creates a world of wonder for the readers as they continue their journey to find out what happens in the next chapter.

The choice is yours for the making no matter what type of beginning you ought to write always know that consistency is the key that holds the story in place. If you do not like how you started you can always rewrite it, there are no perfect beginnings. If the idea has not swept through you yet just be calm, take your time because all great stories do. Click here for more:
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